Test driver has close call with deer (Video)


In this exclusive video to Yahoo News, professional formula driver Ken Gushi has an extremely close call with a wild deer who runs across the road directly into Gushi's path.

Gushi was test driving the forthcoming Toyota Scion FR-S in northern California's Mt. Diablo State Park when the near-mishap took place. Director Simon Needham captures the whole thing in HD, including Gushi's reaction.

"On my very first run of the day today we were up in the canyons driving and I come across this left hand turn over a crest and down onto a straight," Gushi says in the video. "I'm trying to mind my own business driving and trying to navigate these unknown roads when all of a sudden I see this black figure just prancing toward the road. At that moment, I just knew, 'Oh, s--- something's wrong.'"

"I got on the brakes and I see this deer coming down the mountain, getting as close as two or three feet, and again just prancing, minding his own business."

Thankfully, neither Gushi nor the deer were hurt.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, deer are responsible for or involved in around 1 million collisions with automobiles each year, killing 200 Americans, causing more than 10,000 injuries and $1 billion in vehicle damage.

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