Georgia town of Toomsboro up for sale; population: 700

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Two businessmen are looking to sell the small town of Toomsboro, Ga.

And if you're one of the roughly 700 residents currently living in Toomsboro, you may be surprised to learn that one of those businessmen thinks your town might be better served as a Hollywood movie set.

Several years ago, developer David Bumgardner bought up most of the town's businesses, which include a convenience store, florist and post office.

The Coastal Courier reports that Bumgardner originally wanted to turn the 1.9-square-mile Toomsboro into a tourist stop. But now, Bumgardner is teaming up with local preservationist Bill Lucado to sell the entire town.

The blog Southern Exposure posted several photos of Toomsboro back in 2009.

Lucado tells the paper he thinks Toomsboro would be a "perfect fit" for a movie production company in need of a set location or a music company looking to build a new venue.

Selling small towns is unusual but not unheard of. In March, it was announced that the entire town of Buford, Wyo., was being put up for sale by its sole resident. The 2000 U.S. census listed Toomsboro as having a population of 622.

According to census data, Toomsboro is a pretty diverse place, with its population nearly split between white residents (45.02 percent) and African-American residents (53.7 percent). The town is also fairly evenly split among age groups, families and economic backgrounds.

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