Bachmann teams up with Donald Trump amid campaign woes, Fox reminds him he’s in

Michele Bachmann is down in the polls, losing campaign staff and trailing her biggest competitors in fundraising.

Apparently, that calls for a Donald Trump moment.

The Minnesota congresswoman is holding a tele-townhall with the real estate mogul Monday night at 8 p.m. ET and inviting supporters around the country to participate. Bachmann's campaign is promoting the "exciting" call as a chance for voters to hear "from a businessman who knows firsthand that Barack Obama's failed policies are crippling our nation's job creators."

Trump confirmed in a Fox News interview Monday that he will not be offering an endorsement.

"She said listen, not an endorsement, not anything, but would you do me a favor? Would you do phone calls with lots of people?" Trump said.

Bachmann is one of several Republican contenders who have met with Trump this cycle. During the late winter and spring, he rose to national prominence politically by flirting with a presidential bid and questioning the president's birthplace.

Bachmann paid a visit to Trump just last Thursday. Her camp notes that Monday's event is the first time Trump has participated in a town hall with a 2012 presidential candidate.

So how excited is Trump to be signing up with Bachmann for tonight's event?

Trump said Monday he wasn't even certain he was scheduled. "I didn't even know I was doing it until you told me," Trump told the hosts of Fox News. He went on to add that it was his "honor" to participate.

[You can watch the video of Trump's Fox appearance here via The Hill.]

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