Political book club: Noam Scheiber’s ‘The Escape Artists’ and Jodi Kantor’s ‘The Obamas’

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Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and the rest of the Republican presidential candidates are competing in the primaries in Michigan and Arizona on Tuesday, but there is one other quiet candidate in the race for the White House: President Barack Obama.

The authors of two recent books that have looked at Obama and his administration in depth will join me at 3:30 p.m. ET for a discussion of the 44th president in the final year of his first -- and potentially only -- term in office. We will also take questions from Yahoo News readers.

Noam Scheiber is the author of the new book, "The Escape Artists: How Obama's Team Fumbled the Recovery," and is a senior editor for The New Republic.

Jodi Kantor is the author of "The Obamas," and is a political correspondent for the New York Times.

You can read and participate in the liveblog below, or go to this page, which has been optimized for tablet and mobile devices. (Or go here to participate on Facebook.)

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