Pro-Obama super PAC attacks ‘Mitt Romney’s America’

A Democratic super PAC founded by two former aides to President Obama has begun a $100,000 ad campaign trashing Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper cozy with Wall Street and beholden to the tea party.

The spot, called "Mitt Romney's America," illustrates what Priorities USA Action says will be the consequences if Obama is defeated in the election by the former Massachusetts governor, the Republican candidate most Democrats assume will be on the general election ballot.

The 90-second ad features clips of Romney saying he agrees with the tea party and his now-infamous declaration at the Iowa State Fair that "corporations are people."

If elected, the ad claims Romney would "decimate" middle class Americans by, among other things, sending jobs overseas, privatizing Social Security, slashing college aid and repealing Obama's health care reform bill.

"Mitt Romney's America is not our America," the ad claims.

You can watch the spot here, courtesy Priorities USA Action:

Launched just over a year before Election Day 2012, the spot is part of a larger digital campaign by the group that aims to get an early start at framing the general election as a choice between Obama and the eventual Republican nominee. The campaign is currently running at Facebook, Google and YouTube and could expand in coming weeks.

The ad is just a hint of what is likely to be hundreds of millions of dollars spent by outside groups aiming to influence the campaign. While President Obama has already raised nearly $90 million for his campaign (and another $65 million for a 2012 account at the Democratic National Committee), outside Democratic groups are mobilizing to boost his campaign.

Priorities USA, which was founded by the former White House aides Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney, has said it will raise upward of $100 million to promote Obama's re-election bid. According to its most recent financial report, the group raised $3.2 million in May and June—including a single $2 million contribution from Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. The group isn't set to file another disclosure report until January.

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