Romney releases new TV ad promising ‘A Better Day’

Mitt Romney's campaign released a new television ad Friday promising that a Romney presidency would get the country "back on the right track."

The ad, titled "A Better Day," continues the theme of Romney's two previous spots, which focused on what would happen on "day one" should the Republican nominee get elected.

"What would be different about a Romney presidency?" a narrator asks, as footage of Romney meeting voters flashes on the screen.

The 30-second spot repeats Romney's vow to focus on the economy and deficit, create jobs, promote energy policy and challenge China on trade issues.

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"But there's something more than legislation or new policy," a voice-over says. "It's the feeling we'll have that our country's back, back on the right track. That's what will be different about a Romney presidency."

The Romney campaign has not announced how much it is spending to air the ad or where it will run. But CNN reported Tuesday that Romney had reserved $2 million in ad time in Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia—one of the campaign's largest ad buys so far.

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