Ron Paul’s ‘eyebrow toupee’? Droop at debate prompts suspicion

Has Ron Paul been wearing fake eyebrows?

That's what the New York Times wonders, pointing to an incident at Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate in which the candidate's right eyebrow appeared to droop a bit under the hot lights:

Seen on television, Mr. Paul appeared to have a second, thinner brow under the one headed south, creating a delicate X over his right eye.

Jesse Benton, a campaign spokesman, insisted that Mr. Paul had been the victim of the elements, namely a heavy pollen season in New Hampshire, and called accusations that he'd been artificially enhancing "stupid" and "insulting."

"Dr. Paul's allergies acted up a touch," Mr. Benton said in an explanation that might raise some, you know, questions.

Pollen affects your eyebrows? Either way, the Times helpfully points out that "eyebrow toupees" are popular these days—maybe even among political candidates.

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