Video: Occupy protesters arrested at Michele Bachmann’s campaign HQ

URBANDALE, Iowa--Some Occupy protesters created a scene at Michele Bachmann's Iowa campaign headquarters Saturday afternoon before the Minnesota congresswoman's arrival, resulting in the arrest of a number of individuals, at least two of whom were under the age of 18, for trespassing. All were taken away in police vehicles.

The mother of a 16 year-old girl named Heather shouted at police for information about where her daughter had been taken.

"You can't deny me where they're taking my daughter," she yelled in the parking area outside Bachmann's office. Protesters congregated there with signs, musical instruments and even some costumes as part of the "Occupy the Caucuses" movement.

"I'm 14," one girl said as she was handcuffed beside a police car. "Why were you arrested?" someone shouted. "Because I wanted to speak to her," the girl said.

Police Sergeant Dan Stein told Yahoo News following the arrests that just five to 10 protesters were arrested Saturday for trespassing. The Associated Press and other news outlets reported the number to be 18 arrests at Bachmann headquarters, including two juveniles.

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