Letters: Trump supporters reject left's sanctimony; We must call out medical price gouging

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Trump supporters don’t buy the sanctimony

I believe that people can vote for whom they want, even if others don't approve. So why do Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Bouzios find it incumbent to obsess over we who support Donald Trump? I believe this is projection and it is they are non-believers.

Nobody could express such bitter hatred and disdain for their fellow citizens unless they have skeletons in their own closets! What are they hiding? A past indiscretion, coveting, or any of the other deadly sins? You see, when you throw those stones, you better be sin-free yourself.

Do they really believe sane people buy into their ridiculous assumptions and sanctimony? Thank God there are many who don't! We have a chance to reverse course and elect sane, competent leaders. Sadly, we can't reach those who have lost all reason and logic, the lunatic fringe of which the ‘Conspiracy Twins’ seem to have ascribed, as evidenced by their recent letters.

I am not sin-free or a great scholar, but I can recognize unintelligence when I see it. Unfortunately, half our country fits into that category. Pray for them, bless their hearts.

Delta Hixon, Pace

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Medical gouging must be called out

I paid into Medicare throughout my working career and now it covers my visits to my primary care nurse practitioner.

Unfortunately, our local hospital corporation that owns the practice where she works has now tacked on to the medical charge an additional $135 “clinic” fee just to walk through the door, even though the clinic is in a small building with no high-tech lab or X-ray.

Medicare won’t pay that total bill and I’m stuck with the rest. To me, this is just pure medical greed.

Thomas Johnson, Gulf Breeze

Digital dollar removes individual control

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wants the United States to move to a digital dollar. To that end, nine U.S. financial institutions joined the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to test the feasibility of a digital dollar (CBCD).

Despite all the bluster about the benefits, this would give government bureaucrats control of what you can buy. So, if you smoke, the government could decide you can no longer buy cigarettes. This is only the first step.

The World Economic Forum is working on an individual carbon footprint tracker (ICFT) to monitor people's movements, what they eat, and essentially every other aspect of our lives. Imagine you exceed your carbon allotment. Use too much air conditioning during a hot Florida summer and a government algorithm uses that fancy meter on the side of the house to limit or completely turn off your electricity.

Now add CBDC with ICFT and commuting too far going back and forth to your three jobs exceeds your carbon allowance so a government algorithm decides you can't buy gasoline for the rest of the month. Scary is people in our government support this. Scarier are people that think our own government would never do this to us.

Bill Meyers, Pensacola

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Bless couple who saved dog in Century

Regarding the man who drug his dog 200 yards behind a truck in Century, thank God that this atrocity of cruelty to a canine was seen by caring people. The owner needs mental health care, due to why he did this to an innocent canine. His own! What else was done to this beautiful animal before this was actually seen? His plan was to kill this innocent dog.

If it weren't for that couple, this doggie would have been drugged to his death. The owner needs help and his dog needs help. The man should be put in jail. However, besides jail, he has big mental issues. He should be watched.

It could have been a child that was being dragged by this evil man. The couple did great in their response to what they had seen. They called police who responded quickly. Whoever you two are, God will bless you forever for saving one of the many creatures he created with love.

Monie Russo, Pensacola Beach

Time has come for universal service

As the United States plunges toward war again, look around at the current generation and prior generation, and ask yourself what you see. Young men and women believing mindless television, motion pictures, and media with no meaning other than comfort, satisfaction, style, trends, and image.

News is reduced to soundbites, influenced not by facts, logic, or historical accuracy. There are no requirements to read and investigate. Incessant legal advertising is devoid of ethics and promising financial rewards beyond making one whole again: only winning. Win at all costs, right or wrong. Greed sweeps over the medical insurance, legal, and pharmaceutical industries."You too can reap legal rewards disproportionate to your alleged injuries". "I will go to war for you."

When the real war comes - and it will - they are soft, self-centered, and uncaring of what elders learned in war and peace. They doubt the United States rule of law, never read, much less understand, the Constitution and rule of law. "I am my own law, unto myself."The bars are bustling, spending as if no tomorrow, caring less about the times to come, and forgetting the wisdom, work, and dedication of prior generations.There will be no volunteers to defend freedom. Ignorance continues to prevail, yet all think themselves smarter than any who preceded them, giving them the freedoms they squander today. Now is the time for universal national service with no exceptions, military or civilian.

Richard Hahner, Pensacola

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