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  • Wyoming Town for Sale Includes Home, Bar, and General Store, But It Has a Few Downsides

    Ko Im at Odd News 11 mths ago

    Welcome to Aladdin, Wyo. Population: 15. Yes, the town is named symbolically after the riches-seeker in the folktales of "Arabian Nights." Judy Brengle's husband had bought her the town as a gift after their kids left for college. It's  now up for grabs , via a handwritten for-sale sign.

    Formerly a coal-mine hub, the town now sees motorcyclists or travelers en route to Devils Tower.

    The new owner could inherit:

    -A bar (Although, you can drink anywhere on the  30 acres )

    -A functional general store along Highway 24, with a famous, historic " Liar's Bench " on the porch

    -An outhouse for the General Store, since there's no indoor plumbing or sewage system 

  • Texas Dad's Invention That Fills 100 Water Balloons in a Minute Inspires Robust Kickstarter Campaign

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    After some experimentation, engineer Josh Malone and his kids came up with a  prototype  of a prepackaged balloon set, which attaches to a hose. After a group of balloons are filled with water simultaneously, they tie themselves before falling off — in one minute

    "We knew there had to be a better way," Malone tells Yahoo News. 

    Malone's  Kickstarter  page has already made a splash this week. 

    "We've been pleasantly surprised. We knew people liked it, but we didn't know how much," he adds.  

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  • Kid Banned From Doughnut Shop After Asking Stranger If She Is Expecting

    Ko Im at Odd News 11 mths ago

    Kids like to ask questions. But childlike inquisition can apparently get you banned from a doughnut shop. 

    A mom claims she and her 4-year-old son were kicked out of the Doughnut Inn in Monroe, Conn., because he asked another customer if she was  eating for two

    "I asked her if she was pregnant," said the boy, Justin Otero.

    The answer was "no," Justin apologized, and the customer took no offense. But the next time Rebecca Denham and Justin walked in, a manager promptly said their business was no longer welcome. 

    "She said he's not allowed in here," Denham said. "I said why ... and she said he's rude."

    A Facebook page that represented itself as Doughnut Inn of Monroe defended its decision and countered the story as fabricated. According to  local media , the page has since been taken down and the manager said she never posted anything. 

  • Mayfly Emergence So Huge It Shows Up On Weather Radar

    Ko Im at Odd News 11 mths ago

    Mating season this summer is creating a mass buzz in the  upper Mississippi River Valley

    Sunday evening, wary Wisconsinites near La Crosse crawled for cover, while others caught the swarm of flies on camera. 

    The bugs even appeared on the weather radar as they emanated from the river bottom to mate, breed and spread. (Yellow indicates a higher  concentration of energy .)

    The females return to the river to lay eggs, which one video shows hatching moments after being laid. 

    Dr. Jordan also added some mayfly facts that are too interesting not to pass along. They are, oddly enough, not flies at all, as flies are from a different order. There are 610 species of mayflies, and adults live only a few hours to a few days.

    The mayfly activity apparently signals healthy water quality and nature at its swarmiest.

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  • Pit Bull Took Care of Chihuahua While Living on the Streets, Now They're Both Looking for a Home

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    Joanie, a pit bull mix, was found last week in Savannah, Georgia, carrying Chachi, a Chihuahua mix, in her mouth. Chachi suffers from an eye infection; Joanie even licks Chachi's eye lovingly from time to time. 

    Unfortunately, veterinarian staff at Metro Animal Control have been unable to cure the infection, but officers are hoping the pooch pals can get adopted together — since no one has come forward to claim either dog. There's already a lot of interest from around the world.

    "We do have some people we prefer locally so we can follow where they're going, since everyone has so much interest in this story," Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department Officer Christina Sutherin  told local media

    A local Animal Control officer says she hasn't witnessed doggy-duo devotion like this before, adding, "they truly appear to be soul mates." Viewers have shared the original picture of Joanie and Chachi more than 2,500 times.

  • Model Warship Combat Brings BB-Gun-Equipped RC Boats to a Lake Near You

    Ko Im at Odd News 11 mths ago

    Mini warships get built and then sunk. Teams are split into Axis and Allied sides (think the World Wars). For cannons there are BB-gun shooters. Television station WCCO in Minneapolis  found  that the tiny vessels even have bilge pumps to help drain water. 

    The contest isn't over until everyone's model sinks. As organizer Brandon Smith explained to CBS Minnesota, the ships are sheeted with thin balsa wood, which allows for the tiny BBs to puncture their hulls. At the end of a battle, the ships are brought out of the water, and points are awarded based on the damage done to each vessel. 

    A national championship battle is taking place this week on a lake on private property near Ramsey, Minn. Folks come down from Canada for it, and those in Model Warship Combat travel  around the country  for events. 

  • Baby Orangutan Bonds With Surrogate Mom After Multiple Moves

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    Kecil, which means "little" in Indonesian, was born at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio then transferred to the Milwaukee County Zoo, where he still wasn’t able to adapt. He ended up at the Brookfield Zoo, connecting with 53-year-old Maggie, who has been a surrogate before. The two met Sunday and have been arm in arm. 

     "It takes this whole zoo community and all their combined experience to make this type of situation work," said Jay Petersen, curator of primates and carnivores at the Chicago Zoological Society in a video on YouTube

    The multiple moves don't seem to have discouraged or negatively affected the baby orangutan, who seems to be more settled, now comfortably nestling in Maggie's arms. 

    "We are all hoping that Brookfield Zoo will be his last move for a while," Petersen said.

  • Fight Breaks Out During Live, Televised Debate

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    A live back-and-forth on Jordanian TV channel Josat put outspoken journalist Shaker al-Johari on one side of the spectrum and pro-Syrian regime activist and lawyer Samih Khrais on the other.

    After sitting down to discuss the Syrian civil war, al-Johari threw a water bottle at his opponent and then hurled a chair. The moderator had to play monkey in the middle before a producer stepped in to stop the hot-tempered talker from using a pen as a dart.

    The journalist has wildly acted on his disagreements before. He previously verbally sparred with another newsman, Al-Mustaqbal al-Arabi editor-in-chief Mohammed Al-Jayousi, on another channel. Then the tables were turned (lifted actually) and the set came apart.

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  • 105-Year-Old Woman Throws Out First Pitch at San Diego Padres Game

    Ko Im at Odd News 11 mths ago

    A centenarian got to spend a big milestone on the baseball field in a special way. Agnes McKee, who uses a walker, celebrated her 105th birthday by throwing the first pitch for the San Diego Padres.

    "I'm glad it's over — now I can relax," she said after her pitch.

    McKee says her secret to longevity is perseverance, and she's proud of her age.

    Her major-league baseball debut at Petco Park was pretty pitch-perfect.


  • Social Media Posts Show Last Moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Victims

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    • Fifteen-year-old Gary Slok and his mother, Petra, were going on a dream vacation and snapped a photobefore departure.

    • In one video, there's audible preparation forliftoff from Amsterdam.

    • A picture of the Boeing 777 on the runway quickly went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook. Dutch musician Cor Pan joked about its possible disappearance, referencing missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. He and his florist girlfriend, Neeltje Tol, were supposed to go on a trip together. Friends and family had sent their well-wishes on the online post.

    Social media have also been active in the aftermath of the tragedy:

    • Vine videos document the mass destruction.

    Stay with Yahoo for continuing coverage of MH17.