List: 30 most important cats of the year

BuzzFeed has put together its list of the 30 Most Important Cats of 2011. Topping the list is Shironek, "the most relaxed cat in the world."

No doubt, cat fans will have seen at least a few of these select felines over the past 12 months, but every single one is worth a repeat visit.

For example, who would want to forget Puss the masseuse (meowseuse?) cat, who gives a generous backrub to Captain the dog?

As good as the actual massage video is, the best part may be the accompanying music, which sounds like it's straight out of an actual day spa.

Of course, as good as this list is, we all know there's something critical missing: Your cat.

Some more heavy-hitters from the list:

"Business Cat"

And "Kitten Wrestling," featured on the Sideshow last month:

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