Man survives 2,400-foot helicopter jump without a parachute

Stuntman Gary Connery has pulled off a truly amazing feat, jumping 2,400 from a helicopter and landing safely on the ground without the use of a parachute.

The 42-year-old Connery made his landing on top of 18,600 cardboard boxes in a stunt captured live on video by the London Telegraph.

"I feel absolutely wonderful, I am overwhelmed," Conner told reporters after he emerged unharmed from the stack of boxes. "I am in a strange zone at the moment. It is an amazing feeling. I feel incredible, just completely elated."

[Slideshow of pictures taken from Connery's feat]

Connery is an experienced stuntman, having performed nearly 900 sky dives and 450 base jumps. He has been working on designing a parachute-free landing for years. He's even done stunt work in several Hollywood films, including "Batman Begins," "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull," and the James Bond film "Die Another Day."

Technically, his flight wasn't a complete free fall, as he did wear a special wing suit, similar to those worn by other base jumpers, which slowed down his descent and helped him navigate his landing. The Telegraph reports the suit brought his gliding speed down to 50mph and his vertical falling speed down to 15mph.

Still, it's the first time in history that such a feat has been successfully performed. And there's little doubt that without proper planning, the jump likely would have been fatal.

Thousands of spectators turned out to watch Connery pull off the landing. "I am so choked with the turnout," he said. "It was so comfortable and so soft. I got my calculations absolutely right."

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