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NYC police developing “electronic frisking” device

Eric Pfeiffer
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The Department of Defense and the New York Police Department (NYPD) are developing a remote controlled device that could detect if individuals are carrying concealed firearms or explosives.

In this video, Fox News looks at the device, which can see through clothes, backpacks and even walls. The "electronic frisking" device uses electromagnetic energy waves and terahertz that bounce of metallic objects, sending back an image of suspected guns and explosives.

Although the current range of the electronic frisking device is limited, developers are working to expand its reach to 75 feet, meaning police could begin electronically scanning citizens without their knowledge or consent. That possibility has raised concerns with civil libertarians like NYCLU's Donna Lieberman, who told Fox:

"Of course it's worrisome because it implicates privacy when the police department tells us that anytime we walk down the street we're going to be subject to a virtual pat down even though we're not suspected of doing anything wrong.

There are also some concerns over whether the terahertz technology could be harmful to DNA.

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