Congressman hopes his deleted tweets will be more read than actual tweets

While most politicians probably aren't eager to see their typos appear on the Sunlight Foundation's new "Politwoops" website, which archives errant tweets deleted from the Twitter pages of politicians, one lawmaker has found a way to game the system.

Rep. Denny Rehberg, Republican from Montana, has begun intentionally deleting his tweets so they will show up on the site. It's an innovative effort to get the attention of political journalists visiting Politwoops, which debuted on Wednesday.

"If you think mistakes on #Politwoops are bad," Rehberg wrote—and then deleted—on his Twitter page, "just wait until you see the new regulatory mistakes of the Obama Administration!"

Here are a few of his other zingers:

Update: It looks like Rehberg may be starting a trend. House Speaker John Boehner is purposefully deleting his tweets now:

Arizona Republican Rep. David Schweikert is doing the same thing.

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