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Romney spends election day handing out free sandwiches

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WAUKESHA, Wis.—As voters here headed to the polls, Mitt Romney spent at least part of election day handing out free sub sandwiches to supporters, urging them to turn out on his behalf in this crucial winner-take-all primary state.

Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan spent about 20 minutes behind the counter at Cousins Subs, a local chain. Romney handed out turkey sandwiches, while Ryan—who has campaigned alongside the former Massachusetts governor at virtually every stop in recent days—handed out ham and cheese.

"Good to see you! Glad to see you!" Romney said, as he shook hands and posed for pictures.

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Afterward, he urged the audience to turn out at the polls for him, calling a win in Wisconsin important to his nomination chances. "Most of you have voted already. Some of you have not," Romney said, standing in front of giant photo of a sandwich. "I want to make sure that people across Wisconsin get out and vote today. … If we have a good turnout, then I'll become the person who receives the Wisconsin delegates that I need to go on and become the nominee."

Polls are also open in the District of Columbia and Maryland—two contests where Romney is heavily favored to win. Recent polls have found Romney with a comfortable lead over Rick Santorum in Wisconsin—though the mere fact that Romney was still campaigning on election day when he usually doesn't hints that the race is still close.

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At stake tonight are 98 delegates: 42 in Wisconsin, 19 in D.C. and 37 in Maryland. The District's race is winner-take-all by popular vote, while Wisconsin and Maryland are winner-take-all by congressional district.

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