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Record Recollections

If you’re like most of us, certain artists will be inextricably linked to memories of various points of your life. Case in point: painting your parent’s fence in high school (The Smiths on the Walkman), studying abroad in college (Björk on your MP3 player), and a party at your new house (Cee Lo, Roy Orbison, Adele, and Dolly Parton taking eclectic turns on the computer playlist). If music feeds the soul, Yahoo! Music aims to keep it full.

Eye and Ear Candy

Yahoo! Music is not just for the ears. It also serves as the cutting-edge source for video, so you’ll never have to miss out on the next Lady Gaga eye-shocker. The site has the largest on-demand music video network, with more than 40,000 music videos in its U.S. collection. Meanwhile, the Yahoo! Music blogs are also a source of daily content, covering a wide range of topics and genres. Blog entries provide a forum for music devotees to express their opinions and connect with other fans about specific music topics. Far and away the most visited music blogs on the Internet, Yahoo! Music blogs have 17 million unique users per month, and the number is growing.

See what 19.9 million consumers are watching at recommended videos. Get up-to-date on the happenings of the music world with one of Yahoo!’s 20 music blogs. Check out the multitude of listening options at the radio station guide, and stay tuned to the coming attractions in concerts.

Audience Engagement

Yahoo! Music devotees have been rating and interacting with their music preferences for years. With the incorporation of vitality—live social updates across Yahoo!—visitors are able to build a community with one another based on a musical profile. Tap into this interactive group of music fans. Showcase your brand with ad solutions such as rich media, Video Advertising Solutions, and Overlay Video Ads.

Key audiences: Online Moms, Men 18–34
Related products:rich media, Video Advertising Solutions, Overlay Video Ads

By the Numbers

Unique Visitors

Page Views

Source: comScore Media Metrix, U.S., August 2011
Tips for Marketers

By attracting audiences that regularly visit Music—particularly Online Moms and Men 18–34—Yahoo! has helped businesses succeed in driving results.

  • Entertainment, health, and local content are great topics to engage moms.

  • Entertainment, sports, finance, and news are great topics to engage Men 18–34.

  • Shopping online is popular, and moms are informed, frugal shoppers.

  • Young men are on the go—give them immediate access and extend your voice with mobile.

  • The Internet is about function and fun—use both to speak to moms.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Yahoo! Music Homepage Takeover: Own the homepage of Yahoo! Music for a high-impact placement of your product advertising.

  • Yahoo! Music Special Homepage Takeover: Run a custom takeover that suspends the normal Yahoo! Music experience and commands listeners to take notice.

  • Top 100 Charts: Place a premium ad alongside the charts for the most popular videos, songs, and albums across various genres.

  • Custom Sponsorship Blogs: Align your campaign’s initiatives with specific music blogs, and participate with your own brand-related blog entries.

  • Then and Now: Associate your brand message with classical and innovative artists, videos, and music in this spotlight program.

  • The New Now: Unite your brand campaigns with cutting-edge music, as discovered and chosen by Yahoo! Music editors and critics.

  • This Week in Music: Get in with this weekly video program featuring 2-to-4-minute segments on the latest hype in music and an analysis of the current charts.

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