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  • Daylight saving time explained

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo News 1 yr ago


    On March 9 at 2 a.m., clocks will be set forward one hour for daylight saving time. But do we actually “save” anything? Here’s the scoop. Putting the savings in daylight saving time Studies are mixed on the benefits of daylight saving time. A National Bureau of Economic Research report on the state of Indiana looked at counties where some observed the time change and others did not. Researchers found that while lighting demand dropped for those on DST, use of air conditioning increased, canceling out energy savings.   A study by the Department of Energy touts an overall .03 percent savings per year by adding on the extra four weeks of daylight saving time. And the study argues that gas use has not gone up,  which some claimed would be the case as people drive to more activities with extended daylight hours.

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  • Discovered film negatives reveal century-old expedition to Antarctica

    Claudine Zap at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    The Antarctic Heritage Trust believes that the photos are of the Ross Sea Party, which was tasked with the crucial job of setting up supply depots for Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914-1917 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

    The Ross Sea Party, which landed on Ross Island in January 1915,  was forced to live in Captain Scott’s Cape Evans Hut, after being stranded when their ship, the Aurora, blew out to sea. The ship returned two years later to rescue the group, but only after three men had died. The hut was then closed, ending the chapter of Antarctic exploration.

    This lesser known trip came after Robert Falcon Scott’s infamous expedition from 1910-1913 to the South Pole, when Scott and his party died of starvation on the return trip, according to



  • It’s a very high-tech holiday: Track Santa as he jingles all the way to your house

    Claudine Zap at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    One thing’s for sure: Santa Claus will not come and go unnoticed this Christmas Eve. The jolly fellow will be tracked with apps, social media, Google maps, and even by good old-fashioned telephone. This year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which has tracked St. Nick and his reindeer for over 50 years, has company: Google has gotten into the holiday spirit with a competing Santa tracker.  While NORAD's Santa Tracker employs radar, satellites, “SantaCams” from space and even fighter jets to follow Rudolph’s red nose, Google will call on its maps and “developer elves,” according to its Santa Tracker website, to locate Santa’s sleigh as he travels around the globe.

    The original brainstorm for the idea was "an accident in history," according to NORAD. It all started in 1955, when a local Sears Roebuck & Co. catalog that promised a Santa hotline misprinted the number. Instead of Santa, callers got Continental Air Defense Command, now known as NORAD.

  • Two people, 7,000 miles apart: One unique Christmas card

    Claudine Zap at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    Having a loved one serving overseas during the holidays is no picnic. But an enterprising woman found a way for the two to be together – even though they are very far apart.

  • Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube Take a Ride With Lyft

    Claudine Zap at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    Here's what happens when Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube take a ride with Lyft, a service that provides rides through a mobile app. Lyft uses regular drivers in their own cars to pick up customers. As cameras roll, a driver who had no idea he was picking up famous passengers does whatever the trio can dream up.

    Not surprisingly, the bit is hilarious. The segment includes a stop at a convenience store for oddly named snack foods, a Wendy's run, and a rap-off. "If you're not sure, the white, freckled guy is the cure," raps O'Brien.

    Clearly the Web is on board — the video has received more than 204,000 views so far. "Now this is how all reality TV should be," Timo Vamio posted on YouTube. "I wanna see this get turned into a sitcom," Tokyo Kazama adds. @KeemBeats tweets, "This might be the best thing ever." @Killah_Kelli agrees, "Pure comedy." (Note: Subject matter is a bit racy.) 

  • Photographer helps couple re-create wedding day photos

    Claudine Zap at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    After the wedding’s over, it’s the photos that keep the memories of the day.   So imagine a couple’s devastation when one of the rolls of film sent to the photo lab of their big day went missing, at least temporarily. One photographer understood, and stepped in to help.   According to the CBS 13 in Sacramento, newlyweds Pam and Howard Waelder, who married about a week ago, couldn’t afford a photographer, so a friend took pictures with a film camera. Of the two rolls sent to the developer, only one came back.

    “I finally found the love of my life,” Pam Waelder told CBS 13. “And I’m going to lose him soon. It means a lot, because I’ll have those forever, even after he’s not around anymore.”   CBS 13 notes that the Walgreens store that misplaced the photos finally tracked them down, giving the couple even more memories to treasure.  

  • Woman’s unlikely find amid tornado destruction

    Claudine Zap at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    Phyllis Rawlins’ house was destroyed after a tornado ripped through her town of Kokomo, Ind., on Sunday. Last summer, she lost her husband of over 40 years, Edgar. In the tornado’s rubble, Rawlins searched for Edgar’s wedding ring.   “Digging and praying. Digging and praying,” she told local station Fox 59 .   “It was everything to me, because that’s one thing that I had,” she said.   Rawlins had been visiting family in Kentucky when the storm came through. She returned to find her home in pieces. “This was the house that love built," she told WTHR .   Without her husband or her house, she was determined to find the ring. But locating it among the piles of rubble seemed like a hopeless quest.   Somehow, her brother spotted something under a piece of the roof and called her over.  The ring, buried in the debris, had turned up. “It was a miracle,” Rawlins said.   “We both just hugged each other, crying. Because that was the one thing that I had searched and searched for,” she said.   When all was lost, one special memento had finally been found.   “I’m very strong with my faith, and I know that God is in control of everything, the...

  • Video captures roll cloud in Texas

    Claudine Zap at Storyful 2 yrs ago


    This is not your typical cloudy sky. Truck driver Bonnie Mask, who lives near Amarillo, Texas, looked out the window around sunrise last week and spotted an odd sight: a long, tube-shaped formation called a roll cloud.

    Mask had the day off and decided to record the strange weather event for her husband, Todd. The video is captured from her deck in Timbercreek Canyon.

    “Apparently, it’s pretty rare,” Mask told Yahoo News. She noted that she had never seen anything like it. “There was some cool air that blew over as the cloud blew over the house,” she said, adding that it was “kind of strange.” "This is fairly rare, by the way, to have these things and see these things," Kim Cunningham, a meteorologist for the Weather Channel, told Yahoo News — "especially when not associated with a thunderstorm. ... It's pretty cool though, and it probably freaked a lot of people out." According to, the bizarre cloud is formed when cold air forces warm, moist air higher into the sky. Then strong winds "roll" the cloud into the tube shape parallel to the Earth's surface.

  • Students run the halls at school with no gym

    Claudine Zap at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    At Medgar Evers High School , in Brooklyn, New York, it is commonplace for students to run in the halls. They’re not late. They’re exercising.   That's because there is no gym at the relatively new building, constructed in 2000. But there are physical education requirements mandated by the state. So officials have gotten creative, turning the school’s basement halls into an indoor track, local news station PIX 11 reported.   Required to take eight semesters of phys ed, students hit the hallways to work up a sweat. “For the most part as you can see right now it’s very crowded and it’s hard to get certain things done, but at the end of the day right now we make the best of it,” track coach Shaun Dietz told PIX 11.   “It seems to me very shortsighted. When you build a building there should be a gym,” Pamela Wheaton of Inside Schools , told Yahoo News. The independent website provides information about New York City’s public schools. Wheaton noted that the school, built adjacent to the campus of Medgar Evers College, was supposed to use the college gym. “In reality, they get very little access to the college campus,” she said.   The high school initially opened ...